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How It Works

To further understand CareerSeek, it is advised to go through our entire website and read through everything. However, we understand that you may be short on time, so you can view The Process to understand how our strategy works.

Our History

CareerSeek was founded by Chris Sofos in March of 2021, with the vision of assisting college students, graduates and professionals in attainting their dream jobs. He first identified a major problem; most people don't end up with the job they want, let alone in the field they want.

Reasons for this vary, but the most common ones include:

People don't know where to begin when looking for a job.

People are exposed to limited opportunities that are often not desirable.

People don't have enough time with their other responsibilities.

Career Services, online applications and job boards often result in dead ends.

Fortunately, a select group of students, including Chris (when in college), were motivated enough to trial-and-error different tactics until discovering one that was consistently effectively. The combination of his own success, as well as his friends' when utilizing this strategy sparked an idea. The issue of post-graduate unemployment and underemployment could be solved if enough individuals followed this formula.

CareerSeek was born.

Chris then taught and helped his close friends apply the code, which resulted in them breaking into their respective fields. He tirelessly tried convincing others to do the same, but found that they either:

 A) didn't believe in it,

B) didn't want to put the time in, or

C) didn't have enough time to do so. 

Those who listened and executed the plan were rewarded.

Against All Odds

Chris attended Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, Florida. He was a finance major who aspired to break into Investment Banking (IB), which is an incredibly difficult field to crack. To make matters worse, the industry recruits 99.9% of it's workers from "target schools." Target schools include Ivy League Universities and other highly touted institutions. FIU, on the other hand, was barely known outside of Florida.


Recruiters for IB would refuse looking at "non-target" students such as Chris, making it very difficult for him to earn an interview.


Chris reached out to hundreds of IB professionals via LinkedIn with the goal of developing relationships through scheduled phone calls. A fine balance of quality and quantity was exercised in this process, allowing Chris to get enough referrals to result in an interview. From there, he was able to earn the position of an Investment Banking Analyst at Citigroup in New York City, a top five bank, post graduation. 

More impressively, this strategy was utilized by more than 10 other FIU students to break into Investment Banking. Notable names include Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, and Moelis & Company. FIU became known on Wall Street shortly after. 

The success rate of this strategy was even greater for fields outside of finance, proving that getting into any career field is possible through CareerSeek.

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