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The Process

The model that CareerSeek utilizes is not the same for everyone, as we try and customize each customer's experience. However, there is a set 10 step strategy that is followed, which we call "The Process."

Understand the purpose behind CareerSeek.

* Schedule a complimentary call, if desired.

Register and fill out all career preferences for a customized reach out plan.

Wait for email to schedule intro call with assigned Customer Manager (CM) to go over plan.

Confidentially provide CM with LinkedIn login information.
*if you don't have a LinkedIn account, either create one or let CM create it for a fee*

Review CareerSeek manuals while CM conducts reach out through your LinkedIn, setting up calls with professionals.

Coordinate and handle scheduled calls with professionals, with the goal of building personal relationships.

Keep in touch with professionals after the call, to continue building on the relationship. 

Earn referrals from professionals to receive interviews.

Prepare for and crush resulting interviews; repeat process as long as necessary.

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